⚡Digital Disruptors⚡

Amnesty Kenya is looking for 6 talented, passionate young activists to design and deliver their own digital human rights campaign!

Are you…

✅ A young activist or campaigner who strives to challenge injustice and create social change? 

✅ Passionate and knowledgeable about digital activism and human rights?

✅ Interested in launching your own digital campaign, with the support of Amnesty experts?

✅ Ready connect with other young activists across Kenya and the world?

✅ Able to dedicate commit to this project and campaign throughout 2022 and beyond?


Do you think you have what it takes? Then we want to hear from you!

Please read the information on this webpage carefully before applying.

We are also hosting an information session on 10th January.

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What is Digital Disruptors?


Digital Disruptors is Amnesty International's project which supports inspiring young activists to create ground-breaking, youth-led, digital campaigns.

Bold campaigns have already been launched by Digital Disruptors in Puerto Rico, Sweden and Nigeria - and Kenya is next.

Young people have been at the forefront of human rights change in Kenya for years: from the fight for democracy in the second liberation of Kenya, #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutalityKE protests, to demanding climate justice.

Amnesty Kenya are looking for 6 talented young activists to join the next team. Together they'll launch a campaign which explores the relationship between digital rights and young people's rights.


Campaign Theme: Young People’s Digital Rights in Kenya and beyond

With the support of experts at Amnesty, you will create a campaign which explores the relationship between digital rights and young people's rights.

You will decide this campaign topic once you’re all selected, but for example, you might be exploring questions like: how does artificial intelligence, Big Tech (e.g. Google, Facebook) and surveillance technology impact young people globally? How are young activists targeted and abused online and what can we do about it? How do digital spaces affect young people's wellbeing?

If you want to read more about these issues, check out Amnesty Tech and Amnesty Youth webpages. You don’t have to have a fully formed campaign idea when you apply, as you’ll develop the campaign with your fellow teammates if you’re selected. But if you have ideas about what areas you think would be important to tackle, please include them in your application!

Who can apply?

We are looking for six young activists, campaigners or human rights defenders.

Together, this group will launch 1 x digital, human rights campaign – so collaboration skills are key!

Any prior experience in campaigning or activism is desired, but not essential. If you have a passion for social justice and you think you have the skills, please apply!


· Aged 18-27

· Based anywhere in Kenya

· A passion for social justice, human rights and digital rights

· Can commit to 15-25 voluntary hours per month throughout 2022

· Can commit to 2 weeks of intensive training in April 2022

· A team player who is excited about collaborating with activists across Kenya and the world

· Has basic access to technology and internet


· Experience in activism and campaigning

· Digital campaigning expertise





1. How does the application process work?

Ans: The deadline to apply to be part of the programme is Sunday 23rd January, 9pm, 2022. After this deadline, we will review the applications, conduct some interviews and select 6 young campaigners to form the Digital Disruptors Kenya team.

2. What are the details for the 2 weeks of trainings in April?

This is an essential part of the project. You will meet and bond with your fellow team mates, and Amnesty staff and digital campaigning experts will train you, and will help you start to plan your campaign. The training will last for 2 weeks, and exact times and dates will be confirmed once we know the schedules of the selected young people. Please include these in your application form.

3. I am not within the age bracket provided. Can I still apply?

No, unfortunately not. Please don’t apply if you’re not within the age bracket as we can’t consider your application.

4. Do I need to be a Lawyer to apply?

You do not need to be a Lawyer to apply. 

5. I do not have any experience in Digital Campaigning. Can I still apply?

An experience in Digital Campaigning is not a must. However, any other advocacy, activism or campaigning experience is desirable.

6. Am I going to be paid for this?

No, salaries will not be paid to activists selected for this project. However, basic expenses like transportation, feeding and other logistics will be covered.

7. What funds will you receive?

The group will have funds available from Amnesty to build your campaign. You can use this to, for example, buy editing programs, rent equipment, organize an event or demonstration, or promote your campaign on social media. It's up to you!

8. How long will the project last?

You will be formally supported by Amnesty International until December 2022, but the aim is that your campaign will live on much longer than that, and that you will be confident to lead it as a group. Amnesty hopes to continue supporting you in a more informal way after 2022. Plus, you will be able to join the Digital Disruptors Alumni Network where you can stay in touch with other Amnesty youth activists globally.

9. I am currently working full-time employment. Can I still apply?

The project will require 15-25 hours monthly. If you can be flexible with your work and commit to the project and the two-week in-person training, you’re encouraged to apply.

10. Must I be affiliated with Amnesty to participate in this project?

You don’t have to be affiliated with Amnesty to apply for this project.

11. Do I apply as an individual or a group?

We are taking individual applications, however if you are keen to apply with friends, you can make a note on each individual application that you know one another. But we can’t guarantee you’ll all be selected.

12. How many activists will be selected for this project?

Six young activists will be selected

13. Do I get a certificate of participation after this project?

Yes. Certificates of participation will be issued to the selected Digital Disruptors at the end of the project.


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.