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As an Amnesty Kenya Member, you’ve pledged to do your part to end human rights violations—something our organization and the citizens we serve greatly appreciate. To keep you informed of our successes and areas where more work is needed, we’ll send you regular updates and our newsletter.

What are the benefits and opportunities of being an Amnesty International Kenya member?

Amnesty International Kenya has three categories of membership to suit everyone. They are:


Freedom members get to join a Human Rights Education Club in your place of learning or a circle of conscience, get news updates, attend events and participate in online modules

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Equality members get to receive news updates, attend events, receive branded merchandise, online modules and certifications.

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Justice members get to receive news updates, attend events, receive branded merchandise, online modules and certifications, membership card and an emergency referral helpline.

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Membership is annual and runs for twelve months from the enrollment date. To be eligible to receive the following benefits and make use of the opportunities Amnesty creates, your membership has to be current and paid up. Select your membership here.





Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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    Hello this is Josephine I want to pay for my membership, but the system is asking me to put account no could you please share the details for payment.
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    We need to stand firm against all forms of human rights violations and defend all human rights wherever we are in whatever situation we find ourselves
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